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february 01, new york
The space at 530 west 28th st doesn't seem to keep a single name for too long Crobar/Mezmor/Mansion is now M2. A+ for creatively naming the venue. On a good note however, Ministry of Sound parties do sound promising.
february 17, new york
Robbie Rivera is on tour promoting the 'Back to Zero' album release. He made a stop at Webster Hall with an opening set from Alex Pearce.
february 22, new york
In February, Dance.Here.Now, hosted Alex Pearce on a Thursday night. That's a breakthrough for a local DJ. Despite the nasty weather people turned out and partied the night away.
january 04, new york
nightreveler wrapped up the year doing what we love - clubbing. We rang in the new year with Tiesto and Alex Pearce at Roseland, was sensory overload. Check out the gallery and the countdown video.
january 07, new york
EDM institution that is Dave Ralph is making his presence felt at Webster Hall, this time with an opening set from Zack Roth. Check it out!
january 21, new york
Alex Pearce's incredible set from NYE has been posted!
december, 2008
december 03, new york
As promised we have the coverage from Core's Webster hall party last week with M.I.K.E and Martin Roth. That was a good time. While we're waiting for approval to post the sets, enjoy the pictures.
december 21, new york
Alex Pearce celebrated his birthday with a banger of a set. We have the recoding and the photos. Also, don't forget to listen to Martin Roth's set from Webster Hall.
november, 2008
november 09, new york
Here's something to set the mood for Tuesday night at Cielo with Alex Pearce. We have his and DJ Hunter's performance at Webster Hall for your listening pleasure. We also have the J00F opening sets from Zack Roth and Mike St. Jules.
november 18, new york
An new month, a new Dance.Here.Now residency installment with Alex Pearce. We have his set and the pictures of a very enthusiastic crowd.
november 26, new york
Core is going strong and their parties are a blast. We recently went out to Love for Creamer & K, had a great time, ran into a bunch of happy revelers listening to a different brand of house music. Next Core brings M.I.K.E and Martin Roth to Webster Hall.
november 28, new york
If you went out with us to the Dance.Here.Now event, here's a chance to relive the moments from July 22nd - we have the video from the party. If you haven't gone out on Tuesday nights to Cielo, next outing is on December 16th.
october, 2008
october 11, new york
After the smashing success in July at Cielo, Alex Pearce has landed a residency there. We were on hand to witness the madness. The next installement is coming up on November 11.
october 15, new york
We have a new audio recording posted It's Alex Pearce at Cielo and it's a great progressive house and electro set.
october 26, new york
For the first time on the 18th we decided to pull a double-header. First up is Alex Pearce at Webster Hall. Of all big true big rooms left in New York, Webster Hall is clearly the best.
october 27, new york
The same night of the 18th we hit Love for John 00 Fleming brought there by Core with opening sets by Zack Roth and Mike St. Jules, enjoy.
august, 2008
august 20, new york
Once again we have for you an Alex Pearce event. This time at Pacha, it was an epic night, just check out the pics!
july, 2008
july 04, new york
Ahead of Alex Pearce, DJ Hunter was spinning at RAW. We got that set too and it's spectacular! UPDATE: We are no longer making sets available for download, unfortunately it's got to be streaming only or nothing at all. It's not our call.
july 05, new york
Back in February, Hybrid was spinning at Sullivan Room. We eventually got permission to post that set. We have the recording from marcus schossow as well.
july 08, new york
Alex Pearce is back with another installment of RAW, this time at the posh Cielo, if you missed him at Love last month, you can still listen to the sets to see what's up and get in the mood for this one.
july 27, new york
Here we are then, right now you can view the pics from the most recent RAW show at Cielo and listen to the set recordings from the whole night!
june, 2008
june 22, new york
Alex Pearce is a great talent behind the decks, when he told us about RAW at Love we had to come down to hear what he put together. We also got a great set from DJ Hunter, enjoy!
june 23, new york
We dropped by Core NYC's Summer Madness, and hung around to party with Victor Dinaire, Noel Sanger and DJ Preach. It was another great night at Love.
june 25, new york
Sunnysideup put together a treat for us clubbers last Friday - Nic Fanciulli at Studio B. We got the pictures from the party.
june 30, new york
Tonight we have a great treat, the recently recorded set by Alex Pearce from RAW at Love is available for your enjoyment!
may, 2008
may 19, new york
nightreveler is going to London!
may 22, new york
Massive threw a party at Webster Hall last weekend with Rank 1, Menno de Jong and DJ Eco. We got your pictures The set recodings for DJ Eco and Rank 1 are pending approval!
may 28, new york
Here we go! DJ Eco's set and our review of the May 17th party at Webster Hall are out. UPDATE: We received a take-down notice from Be Yourself Music for the set.
april, 2008
april 13, new york
Family Center, a charity that helps children of parents with life-threatening illnesses, is having a fundraiser backed by the music from Liquid Todd. Please see the event page for more info and support this great cause!
february, 2008
february 23, new york
The night of February 2nd was epic, while we wait for approval from other talent, here are the pics and set recordings from DJ Eco and Brad Miller
january, 2008
january 03, new york
We at nightreveler would like to wish you all a happy new year! To kick things off this month we have the coverage from the Simon Patterson & Sean Tyas event from Shelter last month.
january 09, san francisco
We made a video from out experiences at Lovefest 2007 in San Francisco, it is now available for viewing. Enjoy!
january 14, new york
The latter part of December we took off, hence the lack of updates - so today we have the content from the Cosmic Gate event at Webster Hall.
january 28, new york
Today we have the set for you from the Simon Patterson & Sean Tyas event, have a listen.
january 28, new york
That's not the only recording we're posting tonight - presenting Alterimage at Webster Hall.
december, 2007
december 01, new york
Electronica is back at Avalon. We went to check out a trance night put together by massive.
december 09, new york
November ended up being a big Trance month for us; we rounded it out with a Core event at Rebel. It was Andy Moor, Christopher Lawrence with great locals. Check it out!
november, 2007
november 08, new york
Dave Seaman, Quivver with Zack Roth & Keryn opening at Rebel, we were there to document madness.
november 09, new york
It was another Basic Saturday night at Sullivan Room, we have the details.
november 22, new york
Eric Prydz rocked it proper last Friday night at Pacha. We heard it happen, we saw it happen, check out the pics and the review.
october, 2007
october 15, san francisco
We came back from Lovefest 2007 with lots of content. We have for you here the pictures of the fun-loving crowd at the rave. Fun-loving talent will soon follow. If you find yourself in one of these, let us know. Enjoy!
october 26, new york
We've heard Josh Wink spin several times this year and it hasn't gotten old, we had a great time as did everyone else at Sullivan Room last Saturday.
september, 2007
september 10, san francisco
Our friends at xessential are throwing a LoveFest extravaganza, three events starting on Thursday, and a float for the parade (sponsored by scion, heineken and red bull), book your tickets! For our part, we'll be providing coverage, be sure to check it out.
september 25, new york
Avalon is back from the dead on the EDM scene in New York with Sonar, after a grand opening with Alex Pearce & Serge Devant, they are following up with Marco V on 10/13 and BT on 10/20.
august, 2007
august 09, new york
Another great OM artist, Mark Farina, was in town at Sullivan Room/New York. Sleepy & Boo along with other locals were supporting. We had a good time!
august 24, new york
We caught Thrillseekers at Love/NYC on his 'Night Music' album tour.
august 26, new york
Locals night at Sullivan Room/NYC with Sleepy & Boo - great!
july, 2007
july 14, new york
nightreveler is more than just event listings, so we added a new page to highlight content features. Also, the Adam Freeland at Cielo/NYC review has been published.
july 26, new york
A few days ago clubbers at Sullivan Room/NYC had a rare chance to hear BT, we were there!
june, 2007
june 20, new york
The "Saturday Sermon" event went off last week, we have the coverage! This weekend we will announce the winner of the iPod Shuffle and make the set recording available, so check back. In other news, we're now tracking as many events year-to-date as we did all of last year - keep those suggestions coming.
june 26, new york
We have news: Jennifer E. is the winner of our iPod give away. We now have a group on facebook, come join us! Lastly, we haven't forgotten about the audio from the "Saturday Sermon" event, we're just not done with the editing yet.
june 29, new york
Whew, we finally have audio from the night! You can get all 5 and a half hours or separate sets from DJ Preach and Alex Pearce.
may, 2007
may 23, new york
Together with StrobeLifeNYC we're throwing a party! It's on June 16th at Shelter/NYC. We have Preach, Alex Pearce, DJ Eco and great local talent performing.
may 25, new york
We had a chance to sit down with the guys behind "A Touch of Class" and speak about their current tour, the amount of commitment and work they put into their own imprint, and even good food. Here's what went down.
april, 2007
april 05, miami
UMF9 was a two-day party, so we have two days of coverage!
april 17, new york
Kaskade played Sullivan Room/New York, we were there.
april 24, new york
Colette was at Sullivan Room/New York with Sleepy & Boo, check it out!
march, 2007
march 17, new york
It's Spring in Miami and that means WMC is in town along with one of the best electronic dance music festivals in the world: UMF . We are heading down to cover the 9th installment, which promises to be the biggest party they've thrown yet. Give us a call or drop us an email if you want to show us around town or just to hang out. We will likely get a chance to interview a lot of the DJs, so feel free to share your questions for them with us.
march 25, new york
We've tumbled off the airplane and are now back home in NYC. The last couple of days went by so fast we need to look at the pics we took just to remember what happened. We had a good time, the galleries and a review are forthcoming so stay tuned...
march 30, miami
Want to see how UMF9/Miami went? Check out our review and pics here.
february, 2007
february 01, new york
We posted the review from the "Winter Delight" show at Shelter/New York last week. It was a great party, look at the pictures to see what it was like!
february 03, new york
After rumors of closing and uncertainty about the future of Crobar/New York, the club is changing management and rebrandng as Studio Mezmor. According to the press release they've changed the space and promised to keep in line with the great parties we've come to expect from Crobar. Grand opening is on February 17.
february 06, new york
We went to hear Nick Warren at Cielo/New York a few nights ago, here's the review!
february 28, new york
Josh Wink, et al at Shelter/New York? Definitely!
january, 2007
january 07, new york
Pictures & review from Dave Ralph's set at Duvet/New York are now available.
january 25, new york
This coming Saturday, New York's Club Shelter will once again be the place to get your House fix for the weekend. People NYC are bringing together one of the best line-ups we've seen and it promises to become one of the most talked about shows of the year! Join us on the dance floor as D-Formation, D:Fuse, Tone Depth, and Chloe Harris guide us on a journey well into the morning. Kenneth L, Deep Spell, Ryan Tyas, Samsara, Eric Martinez, Darren Michales, Billy Disciple and others will be on hand to round out the show. We'll be bringing you exclusive coverage so don't forget to check us out when you're recovering from the night. See you there!
december, 2006
december 04, new york
This coming Saturday we will be out for the StrobeLife/Masssive NYC/People NYC event at Shelter in our local NYC. With names like Martin Roth, DJ Eco, Chris Luzz, Deep Spell, and Ryan Tyas there's no doubt that it'll be a night to remember. If you tell your friends that you listen to progressive, deep, tech, and trance you can't let yourself miss the show! Having had the opportunity to check out the space, I can say that Shelter may just be the perfect venue: ideal size, good layout, legendary Steve Dash (of Phazon fame) sound, and amazing lighting. This event will also be the first to benefit from the numerous features we've been developing for our site. Over the course of a few days following the gig you can expect to see post-show coverage that will truly be second to none. All of you who can't make it on Saturday will get a good taste for the night, which will only serve to compound your disappointment for missing the show.
december 14, new york
Our inaugural event coverage from Shelter/New York this past Saturday has begun with photos and a review of the night.
november, 2006
november 02, new york
Good news! We're now listing events in the friendly, northern country of Canada. Currently we have Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Let us know if there are great clubs we're not tracking. Educate us about great local acts we should hear.
november 03, new york
Uploaded the pictures from Mike Monday @ Sullivan Room/New York party.
november 06, new york
It's that special time for our US readers, when we go to vote on the direction our government is taking. We don't care how you vote as long as you do.
november 09, new york
The Danny Howells @ Pacha/New York gallery was posted.
november 10, miami
Nightreveler is off to Bang Music Festival in Miami. Should be a great time!
november 12, new york
We finally crossed the 1000 mark for the number of events in our database for this year!
november 13, miami
The Bang Music Festival/Miami gallery is up.
november 28, new york
We uploaded the Chris Fortier @ Sullivan Room/New York gallery.
october, 2006
october 03, new york
There have been some recent event cancellations over at Spirit/New York. We got in touch and the word is they are conducting construction and repairs. The club should reopen some time next year. We're looking forward to it, Spirit has hosted some great events in the past.
october 18, new york
Posted the Armin van Buuren @ Crobar/New York gallery.
october 23, new york
Added galleries for Max Graham with Sleepy & Boo @ Pacha/New York and Armin van Buuren @ Spirit events.
october 24, new york
The gallery for Sasha and John Digweed @ Crobar/New York is up.