Based out of NYC, nightreveler is devoted to promoting live music in a handful of cities around the world. Having come up empty in our search for a solid show guide we decided to try and hit the mark ourselves. Our listings are updated regularly and are focused on electronic dance music. We don't try to include as many gigs as we can find, instead showcasing parties picked by the editors. Featured events are inherently biased, but intentionally so. Despite that fact, we've published more than a thousand parties at 170 venues across a dozen cities featuring over 250 artists in the first year alone!

We invite everyone to drop us a line to tell us what you hope to see on the site in the future, any events we might have missed, corrections to the listings, and whatever else you have on your mind. we hope you will use nr to find memorable live shows. Don't forget to tell your friends, and we'll see you on the dance floor!

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Getting an event listed on the front page is easy. If you are promoting a venue we already track then send us the relevant event information - date, line-up, cost, age restrictions, flyer images and whatever else you think is pertinent. If you are promoting an artist we've listed in the past, send us the details, assuming that the party is in one of the cities we cover, we'll list it right away. If you have an event that features talent or a venue we don't already list then send us the information and at least one set for us to check out. Keep in mind that nightreveler is strictly for EDM and the editorial staff has to clear all content prior to publication.

On occasion, nightreveler may choose to list a party featuring artists that are not actively tracked by the staff. Such events appear only on the club pages and never on any of the city pages. To get listed this way, the basic criterion that must be met is only genre relevance - EDM.

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