june 29, 2007
new york
'global underground 32: mexico city' tour
adam freeland (link) (buy music »)
k-swing (link)
tim sweeney

cielo (profile) (link)
18 little west 12th st (directions)

sound: breaks
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Arriving just around 11pm we quickly got in, past the growing line, with pre-purchased tickets. Getting tickets, when possible, is highly recommended if you actually want to step inside this venue. K-swing was dropping heavy progressive house and vocal tracks, but the allure of well-mixed cocktails was hard to resist. Cielo has one of the better bars in the electronica scene in New York, but they won't mix a Mojito. A round of drinks later we joined the lively dance-floor. K-swing was doing a great job with a very responsive crowd. She was visibly happy, swinging her hair and jumping to the music along with the audience. Adam Freeland arrived and by quarter to midnight stepped behind the mixer to present his latest compilation - "Global Underground 032: Mexico City." He infused the intimate room a new level of energy into the increasingly driving set and took it to a new place within the hour. With flashier lights and a larger crowd Cielo had the perfect atmosphere for the New York stop of the tour. Unfortunately it was not to last as the headliner stepped off a few minutes shy of two hours. His ghostly, sharp face in the overhead lights was glowing at the cheering fans. When he took out the last disc from the CDJs, we headed for the door and into the cool night.