december 29, 2006
new york
dave ralph (link) (music: cds)

duvet (link)
45 west 21 st (directions)

add event (vcal) (gcal)

It was already 12:30a when night reveler arrived. There weren't any problems at the door and we got in without any waiting or hassles. A separate entrance for the hip-hop crowd heading to the down-stairs lounge and the guestlist for the main floor was managed swiftly. The opening set by Groovecreator was in full swing by the time we set foot on the dance floor and his mix of hard, progressive beats kept everyone moving.

Dave Ralph (link) arrived early and took over the decks just before 1am. He hasn't graced New York with his presence for quite some time, though he's a regular in his home town of Boston. He put together a spectacular set of driving progressive tracks in front of an intimate crowd of eager fans. His track selection was refreshing to say the least, as much of what he brought was new to us. Unfortunately we don't have a track list from the show, but that's all the more reason to go see him live. The set went on for about two hours marked by a solid track selection and flawless mixing. We took a lot of pictures for you to see, but at some point we had to put the camera down and head for the dance floor ourselves.

Last time we were at the Duvet was for King Unique in October and this time there were many new toys hanging off the ceiling. The VJ did a stellar job putting together a light show to match the mood.


We'd like to thank everyone involved in putting together this great event, in no particular order: