november 16, 2007
new york
made event presents
eric prydz (link) (buy music »)
mike dirocco (link)
frank chiarello (link)
alterimage (link)
mike swells

pacha (profile) (link)
618 west 46th st (directions)

cover: 30 usd

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Saturday felt like the coldest night we've been out on in quite some time. Undeterred, we and more than a few other revelers put Pacha on the menu that night. We haven't been to the place in what feels like forever - since February actually - we've been shunning it unintentionally, in favor of smaller spaces like the Sullivan Room, Love, and Rebel. Not much has changed, the sound is still good, the lights are fancy and the crowd somewhat immature, though that maybe a byproduct of it being an 18+ event. The draw for us are the visuals and the energy that only a big club can provide. Dana was opening that night, warming up the place with a progressive selection. Around 11:30, a small group on the dancefloor had to dance to stay warm, good thing the sound track was compelling.

Made Event is an established name that's been behind countless successful shows in New York. The respect and enormous following they've accumulated over the years allows them to take risks and break acts on our local scene. We were surprised to find a sea of people by 1am - it's not an easy task in any room, much less in one the size of Pacha. An hour later the music changed everyone was anxiously waiting to see if it meant that the headliner was getting ready. Ten minutes later Prydz stepped up. Many of us have been waiting for this for a long time. Prydz is huge, easily matching the energy and the drive of the best Armin sets, but with a much more interesting track selection. Three o'clock and on, we were half expecting the floor to collapse - it was that intense! Anyone who came out that night out of habit rather than the talent will remember the name Eric Prydz.

Throughout the night we ducked down to the basement to check out the local acts performing there. We heard Mike and Frank from Core, who set the mood with a darker and heavier mix. Alterimage also did a great job, offering a refuge from the packed and swealtering main floor with equally enticing sounds. The smaller space was overflowing with people as well, no doubt thanks to the work all of the DJs put into their sets.

Thanks to everyone from Made Event, CoreNYC, Alterimage, Pacha, and Plexi PR for giving us a chance to see another great show!