november 30, 2007
new york
andy moor (link) (buy music »)
christopher lawrence (link) (buy music »)
zack roth (link)
dj eco (link)
mike dirocco (link)

rebel (profile) (link)
251 west 30th st (directions)

sound: electro, hard trance, progressive, rave, techno, trance+
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We got in late so we headed straight to the main event in the back room. On the way we noticed the hip-hop crowd in a different area and ads peppered through out the club. Clearly Rebel is looking for new revenue streams, which is just as well since we like the place and would like to see it become a permanent fixture in the scene. By midnight, Andy Moor was on the main floor, his session in full swing. He was putting on heavy trance beats and cheerful vocals. It always takes a bit to get adjusted to a party that's already in full effect. While we hugged the walls to get in the mood, the music took control of our limbs. The sound in that space still surprises us, well isolated from the other rooms. The club was filled with sweating, undulating bodies. The event compared favorably to the Trancegiving nights we attended a few years ago with Oakenfold.

Christopher Lawrence arrived early and was chatting up the fans while Moor was busy at the decks. Toward the end of his set he dropped 'Angry Skies,' and all attention was back on him as revelers started to sing along. Shortly after, Lawrence took over and put on a faster track selection with a lot more kick. His set begged to be played in an open space as the highs of the opening tracks eventually gave way to eye-ball-vibrating bass lines. Even if you were to stand still, the floor beneath would move you with the power of the sound. Lawrence brought a full-on rave to the Rebel space, and it translated well, backed by good visuals and good, if not too loud, sound. The longer he was on the decks the more energy his music radiated, heavy bass gave way to soaring melodies - which may have been a more acceptable selection for the people hopping on the dance floor. You could count on music keeping you wide awake all through the night and into the morning. Between this and the pre-Thanksgiving party we are totally Tranced out.

No doubt that of the many people who came to the party, a lot of them are fans of Moor and Lawrence, that's not the whole story however. Throughout the night we heard parts of the sets from DJ Eco, and Mike DiRocco, though we missed Zack and Keryn. These guys bring in a consistent crowd and put on solid shows. We're happy to see that this event has turned out well for the organizers. We'd love for them to put on a breaks event next. As for Rebel, it has become the premier destination for electronica in New York, all they need now is to maintain the momentum and we're confident that Core NYC will help facilitate that goal.