january 27, 2007
new york
winter delight
d:fuse (link) (buy music »)
tonedepth (link)
d-formation (link) (buy music »)
chloe harris (link)
kenneth l
deep spell
eric martinez
ryan tyas
darren michaels
billy disciple

shelter (profile) (link)
150 varick st (directions)

ages: 18+

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Club Shelter was the venue that People NYC chose for their 'Winter Delight' event, bringing together one incredible lineup. We were stoked about the show and once we arrived on the scene around 10 we could already tell it was going to be a good night. Kenneth L opened up with a solid progressive set on the main floor and it didn't take long for the eager revelers to hit the dance floor. Tone Depth followed up with a banging mix of deep tracks that everyone in attendance could move to. When he dropped a mix of Moby's classic "Go" the whole place was ecstatic. By the time D:Fuse stepped into the DJ booth, the club was packed and ready for more.

Dustin brought his A-game and his signature HandSonic drum and the outcome was bar-none the best live set we've heard in months. He made it difficult to stand still at any point while he was behind the decks and his drumming made for a unique mix that was full of energy. The party in the booth was jumping and unfortunately we had some technical problems, which made it impossible for us to bring you his mix from the night.

D-Formation picked up where D:Fuse left off and as the night progressed the music got deeper and darker. The Spaniard's mix was perfectly executed and the crowd didn't diminish one bit. He brought along some unexpected tracks, including a great remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "By the Way." Thanks to Jeff the light show was on par with the best super clubs, paired with the signature Phazon sound system, the atmosphere in the club was amazing.

There was so much going on that night that it was impossible to take it all in. Even though we spent most of our time on the main floor, we can tell you that Chloe Harris was on point with her progressive set and Deep Spell, Eric Martinez, Ryan Tyas, Darren Michaels, Samsara and Billy Disciple did a great job as always. Despite the big names playing upstairs, the basement was never anything but filled with clubbers.

The whole night came together beautifully and all of the credit rests with People NYC to whom we, and from the looks of things everyone who was there, are grateful. Winter Delight was an absolutely amazing event and hopefully it'll serve as a preview of what we have in store/can expect for the year.


None of this would have been possible without the cooperation, dedication, and hard work put in by everyone involved with the show. In no special order, our thanks go out to: