june 16, 2007
new york
saturday sermon
dj preach (link)
alex pearce (link)
dj eco (link)
zack roth (link)
keryn (link)
brad miller (link)
carrie whitenoise (link)
supervixen (link)

shelter (profile) (link)
150 varick st (directions)

ages: 18+

sound: electro+, progressive, techno+, trance+
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We knew that we had to bring some stellar talent together to make our first event a memorable one, so we teamed up with StrobeLifeNYC and booked DJs Preach, Alex Pearce and talented locals. We've all worked hard trying to do everything we could to put together the best party possible. Now that it's over I can sit back and try to recall how it went.

While the main floor was still setting up, Brad Miller opened the night in the "bassment" and picked up the pace quickly as the crowd began pouring in. Shortly thereafter, a local favorite, Alex Pearce went to work on the main floor with his deeper tech sound. He dug out the sickest mix of Sasha's now legendary "Xpander" that we've ever heard, it was the Funkshenda Electro remix. At this point Pearce got real comfortable, dishing bangers back-to-back, it was obvious why people flock to any venue where he shows up. In the mean time, Brad Miller was winding things down a bit for our second act to go on. Supervixen started out with a more minimal sound that picked up very quickly. The growing crowd stepped up and showed some well-deserved support.

We left for the main floor to see how Pearce's set was progressing and by midnight he was in the zone with the crowd on board for the ride. When he signed off around 1a, Preach transitioned seamlessly into trance. The main floor was full of fans, some all the way from his adoptive country of Canada to lend their support. His set was resonating with more than a few people and he managed to steal some heads from the basement. To her credit, Carrie Whitenoise didn't give her space a break, keeping everyone happily bouncing along to her driving beats. At 2:30am Preach found the Prodigy's "Smack my Bitch up" and the heavy break fit perfectly with the atmosphere on the dance floor. The crowd didn't realize what it was in for, but he took it to a new level and refused to back off, following up with a track that was dirtier and faster still. Preach was enjoying himself and the set ran longer than expected so Eco donated his slot to allow everyone to enjoy this special, rare moment a bit longer. Keryn and Zack Roth from CoreNYC took over the booth in the basement around 2a. The music took a decidedly deeper, more progressive turn, pleasing everyone there. The quality of the talent in both spaces wasn't making it easy for revelers to decide where to spend their time. It came down to a choice between the frantic and uplifting or deep, progressive beats.

The vast majority of everyone who turned up had a great time, albeit not without two less-than-satisfied attendees. Having said that, we'd love to hear feedback about the show. Overall, we're impressed with how smoothly the event came together and the overwhelming show of support we've received. We had no problems with the crowd, security, or anything else. Surely there was an incident or two we could have done without, but all-in-all we're all satisfied with the outcome. A big thanks goes out to everyone who came out, the superb talent, our friends, and the wonderful staff at Club Shelter none of this would have been possible without you all. We're already considering the next event.

DJ Preach, Alex Pearce, live at Shelter/NYC - combined set  
Alex Pearce, live at Shelter/NYC  
DJ Preach, live at Shelter/NYC  

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