december 08, 2007
new york
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tom colontonio
deep spell

shelter (profile) (link)
150 varick st (directions)

sound: electro, techno, trance+
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It was good to be back at the same place that has treated our ears to killer sets from the likes of Josh Wink, Martin Roth, D:Fuse, and Alex Pearce. Tonight we came for Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, and Tom Colontonio - an event put together by Massive. Our late arrival afforded us only a short teaser from Tom, but in that time he pulled out some huge tracks, including the self-produced "Modern Day Madness." The crowd ate it up with big smiles all around. When he started closing out his set, he was still pushing the crowd as hard as ever.

Sean Tyas went up next and kept the energy going. His own remix of Vincent de Moor's "Fly Away" was one of the first tracks he played, 'nuff said. His fans were loving every bit of what he had to offer. Everyone was pumping a fist or a glowstick in the air, minutes after his arrival at the decks. Sean dominated, finding room for new and staple tracks in his mix. Rising rapidly since his 2006 production, "Lift" made Armin Van Burren's playlist, he's very much in touch with what's next and it comes through loud and clear. He too loves his job and plays it up for the fans. For us, his remix of "Heart to Heart," a song he wrote with Talla 2XLC was one of the big highlights of the set, it was a massive song, marked by soaring melodies and a heavy beat.

Simon Patterson got a turn right before 1 AM. The distinction was in the fast, funky bass lines that infiltrated the speakers immediately after Patterson picked his first track. He was feeding off the positive response and was into the music as much as everyone else in that room. His appreciation of the crowd paid off, but it wouldn't have solicited any reaction if he didn't have the tracks and skills to back it up. Giving our feet a short break, he pulled out "Music for the Rich." It was a fresh acquisition from earlier in the day and we couldn't figure out who produced this gem. A melody backed by a glitchy break gave way to a dizzying bass line before peaking with driving 4/4 drums. Luckily it was still early and the infectious music kept everyone moving. He was worried about an echo in the booth throwing off his mix, which makes his flawless execution even more impressive. Ultimately, huge Trance tunes were the reason people came and he had plenty to share.

These revelers were hardcore - upstairs about a dozen orange glowsticks were cracked when Patterson dropped Mike Koglin's take on Chris Corrigan's aptly named "Uplifter" into the mix. At the same time, lights scanned the room in a matching, bright yellow color. It was one of the most memorable moments we've witnessed in a club this year. Thanks to Jeff, there was a lot to see as well hear. The lights at Shelter, much like the legendary soundsystem (thanks Ben!) seem to get better every time. A variety of scanners, and strobes illuminated the smoky space with vivid colors through out the night, easily keeping pace with the music.

Shelter has an afterhours party, so this part of the show had to end at 4 AM. Neither Patterson nor Tyas showed any signs of fatigue; the crowd was getting there, but they could have kept going. They did a great job of motivating the entire room to move. When Patterson was refused an encore he offered to pay $100 just to play another record. Unfortunately, but understandably he was refused. Still, it was great to see someone who feels passionately enough about the music to show genuine desire to do something extra for the fans. The good news is that we recorded everything midnight on, check back to download the sets in the coming days.

Sean Tyas with Simon Patterson and Tom Colontonio at Shelter