april 14, 2007
new york
kaskade (link) (buy music »)
sleepy & boo (link)

sullivan room (profile) (link)
218 sullivan st (directions)

sound: progressive
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We couldn't get our act together until late so we arrived at the Sullivan Room around midnight. In our defense, it was raining and that sort of miserable weather can be a real downer. It didn't take long for us to get in thanks to the friendly staff and after saying "hello" to DJ Boo (our host for the night), we joined the party. Nickmatic was warming up the crowd when we got in. We heard about an hour of his set before Kaskade started mixing in his selection of vocal house tracks. "Be Still" and other material from his recent "Love Mysterious" album (which by the way is a dope record) were among the songs he played. The speakers were pumping happy house to a receptive crowd which had grown quite large by the time he came on. We love 21+ events because the people tend to be nicer and more considerate. Regardless, the music we heard that night put us in a great mood. Kaskade was enjoying himself too, dancing, talking to the crowd, and smiling the whole time. All in all it was just pure, unadulterated fun.

There were two things we were set on sorting out that night: Kaskade's performance was definitely tops on the list, but we were also curious about to see what came of the recent renovations at the Sullivan Room. We haven't been there since it reopened earlier this year and a lot has changed in that famous, albeit dingy basement. Luckily that's been handled and the space is quite clean now. The dance floor was really opened up, there's more seating, better lighting, and a new sound system. Their new speakers sound great, in no small part thanks to the sound guy who kept them from being pushed too far and distorting. We bring earplugs along when we go clubbing and for once they really weren't necessary. The club is now themed like a medieval castle with somewhat strange murals painted on the walls, speakers hung by chains from the ceiling and a bar restyled to fit in. We'd say that it's a bit odd, but over all, the club is much better that it was. One need only look at the upcoming line up to see what a difference the changes have made. It was definitely worth our time to deal with the wet weather and come down for what turned out to be a great show. We're already planning on being back there soon.