august 04, 2007
new york
'house of om' tour
mark farina (link) (buy music »)
sleepy & boo (link)
brian anderson
ab logic

sullivan room (profile) (link)
218 sullivan st (directions)

door: 9:00 pm
ages: 21+

sound: house, progressive
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Saturday was another night of excellent entertainment at the Sullivan Room. This time, Basic NYC brought Mark Farina to New York as part of his 'House of Om' album tour. When we got there, the club was bouncing to the sound of Brian Anderson and AB Logic. They were putting together a solid house set with distinct Disco undertones and great vocals. There was a great dynamic between these guys as they were seamlessly handing off control of the decks to one another other. The crowd was slowly getting larger - weekend clubbers are fashionably late as usual so things picked up after midnight. Full, heavy bass was vibrating the room courtesy of the opening acts. In fact they were so good that several people have asked us for their names.

When Mark Farina got behind the decks at 1 am, ambiance took a funky turn and much denser crowd kept dancing along with glee. It was a shame however that the sound system always gets louder for the main act. This causes the well-tuned sound to get clipped on occasion. Amusingly, the Xone mixer in the booth has a label: "NO RED!" As Farina continued, his track selection revealed swirling instrumentals and rich vocals. He was jumping so much we're surprised he could keep his hand steady enough to mix - it must come with a lot of practice. The man certainly has a lot of fans in this city. What started as a comfortably-filled space became hot and tight, but by then all that mattered was the music. The friendly and down-to-earth San Franciscan was in tune with the people. He paused the music as if to check if the crowd was with him, they cheered in response, and he continued with a bouncing beat that the crowd embraced. If you were in that room, the music compelled you to move. The night slowly grew into the morning and we had to pack our gear to depart. We had a great time and definitely enjoyed Farina's set. He has tour dates all over the country, with the next stop in LA. Locals, Sleepy & Boo were scheduled to close the party. They always bring good music; unfortunately we did not get to hear them spin that night. We're confident that the dedicated clubbers were rewarded for their endurance. Be sure to check out their upcoming gig in several weeks time, when they bring another act from the OM roster - DJ Heather.