november 03, 2007
new york
audiofly (link) (buy music »)
sleepy & boo (link)

sullivan room (profile) (link)
218 sullivan st (directions)

sound: deep/tech, progressive
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It has been an exciting year at Sullivan Room, in no small part thanks to Basic NYC, who never fail to bring interesting talent for their Saturday nights. Last week was no different - they had Audiofly headlining the show. The opening set had the high energy of trance with some heavy progressive bass lines. It's been a week of heavy partying and there was no reason to stop now. Halloween fatigue was evident and the early crowd was thin, but what they lacked in size, they made up in enthusiasm. We didn't want to disturb the mood too much, so you get just a few pictures. They cheered as the Audiofly duo started spinning some solid house tracks just around one. Slowly, but surely people started making their way inside. By two o'clock there were a lot of happy, dancing clubbers being fed great beats by the DJs at the helm. Also at two, it was one again! We've completely forgotten about the time change, but the only result of that was more music for everyone. We were chatting with Andrew, who was behind the lights that night and he thought that the music was "unbelievable." We couldn't have put it better ourselves. Though we did round out the night fairly early, we were glad we treated ourselves to some great music for a second day in a row. Audiofly put together a great set and it was our first time hearing them live.

Want to follow the vibe from the night? This weekend, check out Sleepy & Boo as they open for M.A.N.D.Y. and Damian Lazarus at Studio B.