may 17
new york
massive presents (link)
menno de jong (link) (buy music »)
rank 1 (link) (buy music »)
dj eco (link)

webster hall (profile) (link)
125 east 11th st (directions)

sound: electro, techno, trance+
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Doors opened at 11p so we got off to a bit of a late start. It was clear that Eco was itching to finally hit play and limited time motivated him to get moving right away. In fact, everything came together very quickly once the eager people were let loose on the dancefloor. Sound and lighting systems at Webster Hall are truly second to none. Stephen and Jake on lights sound respectively quickly took the atmosphere where it needed to be.

Mike Saint Jules' "Bay breeze" ( Ava Blue) is a killer melodic track with an patient bass line that slowly unfurled and revealed just how low the subwoofers could go. Eco played a whole slew of great tracks, but that was a highlight for us. This is the first show that we've had time to cover in way too long and we couldn't wait to see what the night had in store for us. We were lucky to have DJ Eco open as he's proven himself incredibly able to handle a crowd with tons of successful shows under his belt, many of which we've been involved in. People were very supportive, which was an encouraging sign for the rest of the night. Having rocked NYC over and over, Eco landed a handful of gigs in Europe this summer, which serves as an indicator of how far, and how quickly he's managed to go.

Piet Bervoets of Rank 1 went up at midnight. At this point the floor was nicely filled and everyone in the club seemed completely aware of what the next couple hours would bring. First State's Pounding Club Mix of "Your Own Way" was one of the first tracks he selected and it was the perfect because the crowd loved every beat. Dancers came out wearing trippy costumes that made them look like some sort of alien flowers. Piet allowed us to capture his mix so we're especially lucky to be able to share it with all of you. Orjan Nilsen's "La Guitarra" was a huge track that night, though it shouldn't be surprising - the infectious bassline and soaring vocals kept the dancefloor busy. Green lasers scanned the smoky room as the crowd clapped along to the rhythm. A guitar loop followed by a series of deep kicks pushed revelers harder still. Piet was happy to be there and it showed. We don't think anyone in the room that night could say that they didn't have an amazing time! We were taking pictures of the crowd when someone asked who the DJ was. We told her Rank 1, to which she replied: "Wow, he's so much better than JP, I have to write it down!" We realize that's blasphemous to some of you, but we have to tell it like it is.

Menno de Jong took to the decks and made it immediately obvious that he couldn't wait to get started as much as everyone else. The entire dancefloor erupted with cheers upon seeing him. It was just a bit before 2:30a when he went to work earning his spot on the top of the bill. Then things took a decisive turn towards back-to-back, hard driving beats. The bass was truly earth shattering. We noticed that all of the liquids on the table behind the DJ were shaking to the music. Needless to say Meno was hard on the speakers. Carnival style theatrics that Webster Hall is known for kept things fresh. Every part of the night ended up being a distinctive experience. At 3a, a horn-infused track with a Spanish guitar turned into a combination of salsa and trance. Even at this point new heads were still popping up so the room remained full through out the night. Menno brought a trance sound that couldn't be called formulaic. As the night progressed to a close, his energy never diminished. Completely into it until the end, he was even seen dancing on top of the DJ console to a Shane 54 Laptop Bootleg of Bart Claessen vs. Motorcycle "As Playmo Comes." When it was all over, he took time to sign all seekers' autographs and hang out with the most dedicated fans who made it all the way.

The show was incredible and it's a shame that we've been off the grid for so long. Keep an eye out for more features from all of the best clubs and talent in NYC and beyond! A big thanks goes out to Michael from Massive NYC, Matty F, Esther, DJ Eco, Menno De Jong, Rank 1, Kenny, Stephen, Jake, and the rest of the incredibly courteous and always professional staff at Webster Hall for making all of this possible!