september 28, 2007
san francisco
xessential presents
jody wisternoff (link)
d:fuse (link) (buy music »)
michael anthony
john kobe
tall sasha

supperclub (profile) (link)
657 harrisson st (directions)

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It's right before 1a when we walked into the Supper Club for the first time. D:fuse was already killing the crowd with his usual beat-laden progressive flow. Lovefest is about to explode on San Francisco in under 12 hours and world-class talent was already bringing out loads of people all over the Bay area. For us the excitement starts building now. Jody Wisternoff was on next. Before getting into what he brought for the occasion, it's worth mentioning that we believe him to be one of the very best on the scene so the review might come off biased - trust me, it's not, he's simply that good. From the hand off, Jody lifted the mood and the tempo. Distin didn't just warm up the crowd - he was just as much headliner material, so holding back wasn't an option. Once the gremlins were shaken out of the setup, Wisternoff got comfortable, and fast. The setting was perfect for the hard breaking house that had the speakers working overtime to translate. This is a good time to mention the unique nature of the soundsystem. 8.1 channels of dedicated audiophile quality speakers were employed to bring the club to life. The feeling of being in the crowd is difficult to describe without being there to experience it for yourself. The setup is still under development, but from what we heard that night, the future of clubbing is going to be very interesting indeed. Jealous yet? No? Well, back to the music then... Melodic tracks followed a whole slew of hard hitting progressive house. A few classics, a few hits, a lot of remakes, and a handful of surprises made for a wonderful set. The crowd for this event was very friendly, mature and clearly knowledgable. The music that night wasn't just for anyone. Unfortunately recording wasn't an option and it's very difficult to convey just how much effort jody out into his mix. The vibe was incredible, the vibrating walls lit up every imaginable color as revelers broke a sweat keeping up with the steady beat. Nothing more can be said, the show was incredible! A big thank you goes out to John and Jenn from xessential...