november 02, 2007
new york
corenyc presents
dave seaman (link) (buy music »)
john graham (link) (buy music »)
zack roth (link)
keryn (link)
frank chiarello (link)

rebel (profile) (link)
251 west 30th st (directions)

cover: 25 usd
ages: 21+

sound: deep/tech, electro, progressive
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We are huge Dave Seaman fans, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see him live. When Zack Roth from Core NYC told us that they are bringing not only Seaman, but also Quivver for a night at Rebel, we knew we had to be on hand for the show. Rebel is a fairly new nightclub, brought to you by the same people who are behind Webster Hall. We weren't sure what to expect of the space, but after navigating a convoluted path to get to the main floor, we were pleasantly surprised... More accurately, we were totally blown away!

The main room has a great sound system which does not have to be turned up loud enough to burst your eardrums to be fun. An amazingly complete array of lights can be seen though out - just look at our gallery and video to see how much they add to the show. A clear line of sight from the DJ booth to the floor and a bar in the back. It has a big room feel packed into a intimately sized room. The adjacent spaces are on multiple levels and do not leak the sound too much - a common complaint about multi room spaces.

Zack Roth and Keryn we tag-teaming behind the decks when we got in a bit before midnight. They produced a well thought out and executed progressive set that compelled everyone to move. Unfortunately people had just started trickling in, missing out on their mix. It is a shame that we couldn't record the music that night, but we hope to rectify that problem at the next show. As Quivver stepped up, the floor was a lot more crowded, and the beats got darker and deeper as the clubbers cheered him on. The smoke machines were putting out volumes of pale fog as lights lined the glycerin clouds with every conceivable color. A great way to summarize his set is a lyric from a track he played - "I'm addicted to drums and I'm a slave to the dark beat."

Dave Seaman came on stage strong, with a DJ bag full of goodies in tow - it was Halloween all over (take out?). The first steady beat flowed into the next and before long, the party was peaking. 4:13 turned out to be the perfect time to drop the Chem's killer "Hey Boy, Hey Girl." Dave filled the role of the superstar DJ perfectly. He looked like he was enjoying himself so I asked and got an affirmative: "how can you not when you're playing the music you love?" Good point. He couldn't resist singing along to a remix of "Fuck You" by Archive. It's the first time I've heard that song and I recommend everyone go track it down immediately, it's definitely worth having. Stepping down shortly after, he no doubt felt what all of us did - it wasn't nearly enough! Regular trips to NY are completely necessary.

The music we heard that night was melodic, progressive, sometimes vocal, and rarely minimal. In a year full of minimal CD releases that we feel often lack energy, melody and rich beats are a good thing. All-in-all it was a great night, we were glued to the main floor thanks to great local talent and renowned international DJs. A big thanks to CoreNYC, especially Zack and Keryn for making us feel welcome and the whole Rebel crew for providing an amazing venue that's unrivaled in NY. Be sure to hit the next big night from the same organizers when they feature Christopher Lawrence, Andy Moor and DJ Eco, also at Rebel on the 30th of this month.