april 21, 2007
new york
colette (link) (buy music »)
sleepy & boo (link)
frank rempe
david josephs

sullivan room (profile) (link)
218 sullivan st (directions)

sound: downtempo, house, progressive
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It was around 1am on a warm Saturday night. After a quick line we were greeted inside by DJ Sleepy and headed downstairs. There was a good crowd on the floor already, not as large as for the Kaskade party, though seemingly more attractive. Despite having fewer moving bodies, the room was still very hot. Frank Rempe was playing banging house and progressive for the energetic people. It was a great opening for Colette, who stepped behind the controls just after 1:30 to cheering fans. She greeted everybody - something that DJs should do more often. For the next two hours heavy progressive beats and ringing vocals were bouncing off the walls thanks to the impressive sound system. She would frequently connect her headset to the mixer and drop in her voice over the lyrics. Things like that always make for a more memorable night. The new lights installed since our last time at SR did a lot to improve the ambiance and the were in good hands with Andrew. Next it was time for Sleepy & Boo. Sleepy took the decks and continued the night with a darker progressive selection. Overall it was another great show from the crew at Basic NYC. The two of them are playing with Max Graham in a few days, and we hope be there to check it out.